So, you have an idea...

Is that idea inherently valuable?

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution, however, is priceless. You're serious about your idea. You're so sure of it you don't want to tell anyone. But that's the wrong approach. Nobody can steal your vision and you need experts and craftsmen to mold your vision into reality. Nothing has value until it's tangible and you'll need help to make that happen.

You have to sell your idea for it to have value

Traditionally, the sales process is simple. You have supply of something that is in demand. You find the demand and trade your supply. Simple.

Today, however, you have to fight and scrape for attention. Finding the demand is harder, no matter how much of it there is. So, what do you do? Differentiate with design.

Design is about learning who demands your supply - what you're selling - and differentiating your product to align with their needs. This process leads to more successful products and loyal customers - promoters, even.

Design is key to selling your idea

All companies are learning design is necessary and quantifiably important. Designers research the market and customers to learn how they think, communicate, and interact with your business. They take what they learn, define measurable goals, and apply their learnings to projects aimed at achieving those goals.

Apple is the most successful business in history. Every product they sell has the words "Designed In California" on it. Designed. The most successful business in history holds the design of their products as the most important part of their company.

Design is successful because it's focused on your customer, their needs, and their success. Apple is successful because they design products that make their customers successful.

But how do you get good design?

There’s a lot to design. It can be difficult to keep track of it. Logo, business cards, websites, advertisements, pitch decks, prototypes - the list goes on. So what do you need? What’s the one thing that’ll bring you the success you crave? There isn’t one.

The strength of design is in its consistency and thoughtfulness throughout your business. It's tough. We know that and we hate to see great ideas die the death of poor design. So we put together a checklist of the most important assets you need designed for the most impact in your startup. It’s filled with tips, links to great resources, and a wealth of information that you need to be successful.

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